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I can see the fire in your eyes. I can feel the heat of desire radiating from your very soul. I can see the tension building in your muscles, as if you are a tigress ready to pounce on her prey. This prey, however, is your only equal. You hesitate. Your hesitation will allow your prey to get the drop on you. You are now being hunted. What is your next move, darling? Calculate it wisely, for this prey is already ten steps ahead.


You may think of yourself as mysterious, but you are wrong. I had you figured out as soon as you walked in. I see it in your eyes. I can see the lust. I can see the desire to be in control. I can not, however, give you the control you seek. When you decided to go through with this, you submitted to me. The only way that you can regain control is that you have to make me remember you. Give me a reason to relinquish this control. Burn your memory into my brain, darling. That is how you win this game. You win by showing me your darkest side. Now, make me remember you.

Leaving Love

The worst thing about loving someone and having to get over them, is that you never forget anything that has ever happened between the two of you. You never forget the late-night talks, the long walks at night, the anger, the confusion, and you never forget the moment that you had to give up on it. In that very moment, a persons world crashes. It never matters what the circumstances of the separation was, because it fucking hurts regardless. I personally do not think that people ever stop actually having a sliver of love within their hearts for that once-special someone. They may be able to let that person go, bur you never forget the strong feels that were there. What sucks even worse is when you know that the love could have been forever. That’s the one that pushes people over the edge.

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